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  Angadi is Puducherry Neighbourhood Marketplace. Angadi provides digital enablement for Shops, Pharmacy, Farmers. We are encouraging “buy local” by providing vegetables, groceries, fruits to the Puducherry community online.

  Our mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that build a greener and healthy future world.


What is Angadi

It is your local farmer’s, craftsman’s and nearby small shopkeeper’s online marketplace. Angadi provides digital edge to Shops, Farmers, Craftsman, Self Help Groups and to you as a consumer.

Why Angadi?

We want citizens to stay at home to remain safe from CoVid-19. By reducing crowd at shops, we want to help citizens maintain social distancing. We want to promote local small business and entrepreneur to sell their products to their nearby consumers. “Buying locally” will propel the local economy thus the national economy.

As a supplier/trader, how can Angadi help me?

You can list your shops with address and contact details and list all the goods and services offered by you. Needy consumers will place orders to you and you can supply to them based on the mutual agreement between you and the consumer. You can avail the service of the “Delivery Persons (DP)” to deliver the goods.

As a Delivery Person(DP), how can Angadi help me?

If you have any vehicle say Bicycle or Two/Three/Four Wheeler you can register in Angadi and you may get transportation jobs from suppliers. If you do not have a vehicle, still you can register as a driver or as a porter or as a person who can walk around and transport goods by hand. You can be DP either for full time or part time.

What is the present status and Focus?

As of now we are offering consumers, area based Store listing & Orders booking towards Small and Medium businesses, Farmers, Self Help Groups for Puducherry region. Our mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that builds a prosperous, greener and healthy future world, benefitting suppliers, consumers and unemployed. This platform will enable the sellers to publish the product catalogue in local language and buyers to place the orders.

How can I join the initiative?

If you want to participate in the initiative or you have many suggestion or ideas, feel free to email us at . We will be happy to hear from you and join hands.

Who will supply?

Your (1) Local farmer or (2) Craftsman or producers in a SHG or (3) nearest small shopkeeper or (4) small Service provider will deliver the essential goods or services using Delivery persons via Angadi

As a Consumer, how can I use Angadi?

You can place orders here; the supplier will provide the goods or service via a delivery person and you have to make payment to the supplier or seller directly as agreed between you and the supplier.

What are the goods and service that can be ordered at Angadi?

You can order for vegetables, groceries, fruits, various services and see the list of willing delivery persons and Pharmacies in Puducherry. As self-registration by supplier’s increases, we can serve more geographies.

How is billing and Payments made in Angadi?

Angadi does not issue invoice and it does not collect money. It only helps consumers communicate their orders to the Suppliers. All Billing and Payments are done directly between the Buyer and Seller.

Who is behind the Angadi initiative?

It is a community initiative by lead by Pondicherry Engineering College Faculty, Students, Alumni, Consumers, Trade & Industry Bodies, enthusiastic Volunteers and the Government of Puducherry.

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